Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcome "Tubers"!

Hello all,

The BU junior acting majors are going to London, and this is your chance to follow them. Enter T to Tube: a blog dedicated to the acting majors of '11 and their various adventures through Europe.

Below is a preview of what is to come. I hope to keep everyone updated primarily via video updates, but expect to see some pictures and a little text here and there as well. Now I know some of you freeloaders are just going to use this blog to live vicariously through us for the semester. That's fine, but consider giving back by commenting once in a while, filling us in, keeping us up to date on your lives. We'd love to hear from you while we're away.

We jet off to Heathrow on January 6th, so expect the first update shortly after that. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned!

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