Tuesday, May 11, 2010

05/12/2010 - Un Petit Check-In

Hey Tubers,

Long time no chat! I'm currently writing you all from my hotel room in Paris - life is good. Brian and I have been backpacking through Europe for a little over two weeks now. The list includes Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, Paris, and we leave for Munich tomorrow night. We still have the Netherlands, the rest of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and possibly a visit to Prague somewhere in there.

Barcelona has been my favorite stop so far. Brian and I rented scooters for the day which was more fun than I ever imagined. We also rented these things called "Go Cars" (www.gocartours.com) which are essentially GPS-navigated scooters that you drive yourself through the city. Once you get over how goofy you look in them, they're actually a really nice way to see the city and get your bearings. They also gave me the confidence to later drive a scooter through the busy Barcelona streets. Also, those that know me know I'm a sucker for unconventional, alternative tour options (I was a Segway tourguide for a summer).

There is so much left to report, and just not enough time (nor space on my tiny iPod Touch keyboard). For those that are interested, I have TONS of unused footage from our days at LAMDA, so expect some kind of epic wrap-up feature to the tune of 10 minutes. Also, as per usual, I've been taking loads of pictures from my Eurotrip which I will be editing and posting promptly upon my return to the states on June 15th.

Until then, ciao.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

3/27/10 - Hej hej!

VLog #5 is here people! My most epic work to date. Keep those dagging videos coming!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

3/6/10 - A Special Guest

VLog #4 is HERE people!

Remember - if you have been dagging (alone or with friends), send us pics/vids/stories! We want to hear about it!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Restoration? Restora-FUN!

Faithful Tubers,

I can't really express why I have so vehemently neglected you all. Perhaps the notion of somehow topping the genius of my last post is far too daunting to even imagine that I put blogging out of my mind forever. Either that, or our days have gotten longer at LAMDA and we haven't been doing as much cool stuff. Regardless, after a few-week hiatus, I'm back in action baby.

By the way, for those that are interested, Dance-Jogging has officially become an international sensation. Aside from two marriage proposals, we have had reports of dagging (as it shall affectionately be known, forthwith) activity in North America (including Boston, DC, Connecticut, and Virginia), the UK, and a lovely gentleman from Sweden has expressed interest (seriously). If you guys are devoted daggers, write to us and let us know! If you send us a picture of you dagging it out, we'll throw it on TtT and all of your friends will think you're famous!

But enough about Brian and I, let's talk about me. Our first unit, Shakespeare's tragedies, has come to a close and we are now in the thick of Restoration rehearsals. The "S" (for semester) section is divided into three groups. Our group's Restoration director, Tina, is wonderful. She's a little firecracker, that one, but a little firecracker with a damn good mind for the theatre, and it has been an absolute joy training under her (or over, as the case may be... she's short). Most of the following pictures are from various Restoration rehearsals.

We have also started acting classes with Penny Cherns, improvisation classes with Stephen Jameson, and Flamenco with Zandra and Paquita. And of course, we still have the wonderful Caryll and Jane for singing, the brilliant John and Kristina for stage combat, the charming Angie for Alexander, the irreplaceable James for acting, the devoted Gilly and George for voice, and the lovely Carolina for movement. Oh, and Mark Bell. Suffice it to say, our weeks have filled up.

Here are some pictures I have accumulated over the past few weeks, for your viewing pleasure:

Restoration rehearsal

Restoration rehearsal break

Restoration rehearsal read through


James Kerr






Guys locker room



LAMDA break room

Trafalgar Sq.

Off of Trafalgar

Off of Trafalgar

Borough Market

 My drawer

Vauxhall City Farm

A nice day

Urinal in the middle of a roundabout, Vauxhall


Acrobatic Amanda


The enchanting Elodie






Restoration rehearsal
Restoration rehearsal


Restoration rehearsal

Restoration rehearsal

Kate stretching

Jeff, Tina

Restoration rehearsal

Jeff, Alex

Restoration rehearsal

Restoration Rehearsal

And for those of you who have made it this far, your reward is this: VLog #4 is in the works and should be with us shortly!

- A.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

2/1/2010 - The Newest Trend

VLog #3 is live! Tell your friends!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

London at Dusk

Hey Tubers,

Firstly, a resounding THANK YOU for the incredibly generous outpouring of birthday greetings a few days ago. I was surprised in the lunch room at LAMDA on the 27th by Amanda, Lily, and company with a chocolate cake, candles, and a song (Brian surprised me with a HobNob ice cream sandwich). I cannot tell you how deeply touched I am by them, and all who have wished me well. It has been a pleasant reminder of the seemingly inexhaustible amount of love and support I am surrounded by wherever I go; I feel truly blessed.

"Having said that" (any Curb fans out there!?), hows about a little update, eh?

Now that we have escaped the ruthless clutches of the beast that is jet lag (for the most part) and have developed a somewhat normal living routine here, we've begun to explore the area. As this is my 3rd time here, I haven't been jumping to hit the touristy stuff. I've been enjoying exploring new places and pubs around the area (maybe I'll do something of a pub review sometime...). Here are a few pictures I've taken, mainly from last weekend when Savannah, Brian, Eryn, and I explored the London Bridge area. Although the weather is gloomy, the sights are absolutely stunning.

Off of our street

Our tube stop

 London Bridge tube stop

The girls on the London Bridge

Brian's monument

Brian is cool

Taken from the Millenium

The Tate Modern

Eryn is cool

Pub by the Globe

Moon through bridge cables

Sweet bridge

National Theatre across the Thames

MI6 lookalike?

In front of the National


Skateboarder in graffiti city