Saturday, January 30, 2010

London at Dusk

Hey Tubers,

Firstly, a resounding THANK YOU for the incredibly generous outpouring of birthday greetings a few days ago. I was surprised in the lunch room at LAMDA on the 27th by Amanda, Lily, and company with a chocolate cake, candles, and a song (Brian surprised me with a HobNob ice cream sandwich). I cannot tell you how deeply touched I am by them, and all who have wished me well. It has been a pleasant reminder of the seemingly inexhaustible amount of love and support I am surrounded by wherever I go; I feel truly blessed.

"Having said that" (any Curb fans out there!?), hows about a little update, eh?

Now that we have escaped the ruthless clutches of the beast that is jet lag (for the most part) and have developed a somewhat normal living routine here, we've begun to explore the area. As this is my 3rd time here, I haven't been jumping to hit the touristy stuff. I've been enjoying exploring new places and pubs around the area (maybe I'll do something of a pub review sometime...). Here are a few pictures I've taken, mainly from last weekend when Savannah, Brian, Eryn, and I explored the London Bridge area. Although the weather is gloomy, the sights are absolutely stunning.

Off of our street

Our tube stop

 London Bridge tube stop

The girls on the London Bridge

Brian's monument

Brian is cool

Taken from the Millenium

The Tate Modern

Eryn is cool

Pub by the Globe

Moon through bridge cables

Sweet bridge

National Theatre across the Thames

MI6 lookalike?

In front of the National


Skateboarder in graffiti city

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